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Where can I purchase a Driver's Handbook?My New York Drivers licence was lost/stolen; how do I obtain a replacement licence?I just moved to a new address; how can I change my address online?How can I obtain a Driver History/Abstract for my New York Drivers Licence?Where can I get information on Senior Renewal Program?Why do we charge an administration fee?What does the administration fee include?What value do I get for my money?Why have I not got the date I requested?What is the average wait for a test date?How do I change my date?What if I want to cancel?How long does it take to receive my refund?How does your cancellation finder work?Is there any guarantee that I will get the date I want?What are the chances of getting an earlier date?Why have I been charged a cancellation fee?What are the different classes of licence?Am I eligible to take the requested test?What happens If pass the test?What if fail the test?What do I need to bring on the day of my test?